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I blink furiously at Anthony, feeling the anger rage within me. “What is happening right now. Why the fuck is Bruno here?!” I yell. Bruno shakes his head in disbelief as he stands behind Alessandra who stares cockily at me. She sauntered up towards me and cocked her head to the side. “Aww, are you feeling a little bit betrayed…a little bit angry?” she coos at me and taps my cheek hard. I knock her hand out the way and grab her wrist pulling her close, “Don’t fucking touch me, you low class whore” I whisper angrily at her. Anthony frowns and drags Alessandra away from me. “Uh hey now, no need for the name calling. Tatiana, take off your coat and get in the living room now. Dinner is just about ready” he points to living room round the corner and I stare stonily at him. A butler appears out of nowhere and offers his hand for my coat. I shrug out of it quickly and thrust it in the butlers hand, who looked abashed and tired. I watched Alessandra carefully as she stared at me in mock horror and turned to Bruno, “Oh Bruno, you sure know do how to make a girl feel special. Pretty sure you told me this dress I’m wearing right now was one of kind” she said as her mock annoyance turning into real annoyance. She continued to look me up and down, “But wait now, here is little miss deceitful wearing the same fucking dress as me. No worries” she flicked her long brown hair behind her shoulders and sniffed indifferently. “It looks better on me anyway” she whispered cattily at me. I grit my teeth and peeked over at Bruno who had a dark, thunderous expression on his face. Anthony cleared his throat and we all turned our heads over to him. He waved us over to the dinner table and in all honesty, it did look great, but I will not be eating tonight.

I pull Tatiana back as Alessandra and Anthony walk into the big dining room. She yanks her arm away from me and stares at back at me furiously, “Bruno what the hell is happening right now?!” she whispers angrily. I shake my head at her and peer round the corner. “Tatiana, I don’t even know. He came by the studio and told me I should come by to discuss music shit over dinner and I turn up and Alessandra is here!” I spat back at her. She glared at me and I straighten up my back as another butler gingerly walks up to us by the large fridge, “Uh, Sir..Ma’am..Anthony wants you guys to come and eat now” he says sheepishly. “Well you know what, fuck what Anthony wants.” I storm past the embarrassed butler and walk into the living room. Alessandra turns in my direction and scowls at me. “Ah, finally. There you guys are” Anthony bellows loudly in my direction. I stormed over and I pounded my first down hard, “Shut the fuck up and quit this goddamn charade. This bullshit dinner, it ends now” I said firmly. Anthony blinked at me, and I watched as he took deep breaths. “Alright” he walked round the large table and stood directly in front of me, his shoulders squared. “Lets quit this happy ass charade then and let me get fucking real with you, Bruno Mars. Man to Man” I stared at him impatiently waiting for him to continue. “You don’t…deserve Tatiana. You cannot just go around claiming her like shes a fucking prize at an amusement park. You two are not dating.
and she sure as hell does not belong to you” he said in an angry rush. I heard Alessandra snicker in the corner and I turned my head sharply towards her. “What? You got something to say?” I shouted at her. She blanched and scowled at me, “Oh shut up, Bruno. You know damn well that my brother is right. Cheaters never fucking prosper. Get that and get that NOW” she shouted back at me. I stared back at her in shock, “Cheaters never prosper?! Lets not fucking forget that YOU cheated on me with MY best friend. Because of you, I haven’t spoken to him in weeks. So don’t fucking insult me” I bellowed back at her. Alessandra huffed at me and peered round to look at Tatiana who stood in silence this whole time. Alessandra sauntered over to Tatiana slowly and I watched her eye her carefully. She tutted, “Damn Bruno. I may come off as tough, But I have feelings too” she turned to look at me over her shoulder and she pouted sadly. “I hope shagging this trashy whore behind my back was worth it” she the sneered. “Thats it!” Tatiana suddenly burst out, making us jump. She grabbed the large glass of red wine from the table next to her and she threw it squarely in Alessandra’s face.

I paced back and fourth in the bedroom, wondering why Alessandra wasn’t picking up her phone. She never did say where she was going to eat with her brother tonight. Or maybe she did and I missed it. I sighed and flopped on the bed and ran my fingers through my uncut hair. An idea suddenly popped into my head and I grabbed my phone from the dresser and dialled Ari’s number. It rang and rang and rang and I almost hung up until his voice rang clear on the other line:
“Ari!” I yelped into the phone
“Uh hey man whats up, I’m with producers right now, everything okay?” he said sheepishly.
“No…yes..i’m not sure. But listen, do you know where Bruno is tonight?” I asked carefully. There was a long pause and I almost wondered whether Ari had cut the call.
“Oh yeah, I forgot guys are still in your middle school teenage girl bitch fight” he laughed loudly. I grit my teeth and waited for him to stop laughing. He cleared his throat loudly.
“Yeah. Right. Sorry, still an awkward topic. Anyway yeah I do. He’s gone to see some guy called Anthony, he’s involved with music promotion and shit. They went for dinner at his place I think….Why? What’s happening?” he asked curiously. I got off the bed and threw on a shirt and pants.
“Nothing’s least I don’t think so. Do you have his address? Its kinda urgent” I said carefully. I heard Ari sigh.
“I mean..I guess, yeah I do. It’s an important meeting so don’t fuck it up. I’ll text it you now. I gotta go” he sighed again.
“Thanks man, appreciate it. Talk to you later!” I said quickly and I cut off the call before he could say goodbye. Something told me Alessandra was with Bruno. And I had to find out why. I put some dog food into Geronimo’s bowl and he walked over happily to it. I patted his head and grabbed my keys heading straight to my car. My phone bleeped with Ari’s text message and I frowned. Thats all the way in the hills, I thought. I sighed thinking about the drive but I started the engine away and pulled away from the house.

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"Oh your place is messy, what the fuck have you been doing all morning?" Anthony asked me, eyeing the living room. I narrowed my eyes at him, "Uh I don’t know..morning stuff you know" I shrugged indifferently. He nodded at me slowly and sat down on the couch opposite me. "Alright, I wanna keep this short cos Im very busy this afternoon but, I kinda wanted to try again and invite you to my house for dinner know seeing as you didn’t text back" he smiled at me and I blushed feeling caught out. I scratched my arm nervously, "Yeah, I really am sorry about that. I really have been busy..uh doing things this morning. But I have been meaning to text you back" I said in a manic rush. He nodded at me again, looking bemused. "Uh huh, so if you’re done making excuses…." he said as he cocked his head to the side at me. I threw a pillow at him and he dodged it and laughed. "No but seriously T, are you gonna come or not?" he said getting up. He reached out for my hand and I grabbed it and he pulled me up from the couch. I smiled up at him, "Of course I’ll come. I kinda want to meet your sister." His face faltered a bit and he smiled crookedly at me, "That’s good to hear. She wants to meet you too. She’s uh very excited". He took out his phone suddenly and checked the time, "Shit it’s just gone 12. I better get going, I have to prepare and stuff" he mumbled. I watched him grab his keys from the side table by the couch and I walked him towards the door. "Oh, so what time do I need to be at your place?" I asked quietly. He turned to me and brushed my hair away from my face and tucked it behind my ear. I blushed and blinked at him. "Seven o’clock sharp. Don’t be late and dress pretty damn sharp" he said with a wide smile. I laughed at him and nodded,"Alright, i’ll spend the rest of the afternoon searching through my wardrobe". He chuckled and opened the door in front of him, "Have fun doing that and I will see you later" he kissed me on my cheek and I blushed hard. He waved goodbye at me and I shut the door behind him. Oh god…I thought. I ran my hands through my hair feeling stressed and I raced back upstairs, mentally deciding what I should wear for tonight’s festivities..

“Oh your nails look pretty” I said as I lifted Alessandra’s hand and turned it around and she wiggled her sparkly red nails at me. She giggled, “Thank you baby. They match to go with my red dress” she sauntered over to her jewellery box and picked up a pair of sparkly diamond earrings. She shrugged, “These babies right here are from Cartier. Bruno bought them for me. Would it be weird if I wore them tonight?” she frowned in the mirror. I narrowed my eyes at her, letting the words register slowly in my head, “Why would it be weird if you wore them tonight?” I got up from the bed and walked towards her quickly. She looked as if she just said something that she shouldn’t have and her eyes widened in horror. She turned and waved me away and walked to the wardrobes. “Uhh, no I mean in general. Like you cos me and him are no longer together, but..They are Cartier earrings…” she trailed off and mumbled into her wardrobe. I scratched my neck in frustration and walked over to her again, turning her around by her shoulder. She look at me agitatedly and blinked. “What’s REALLY going on tonight?” I asked her sternly. She leant up and kissed my cheek and smiled, “You will find out later. But I’m not lying. Im going for dinner with my brother” she said, frowning. I scrutinised her and she grabbed her bathrobe from behind the door. “Fuck! Why is Geronimo barking all of a sudden?!” Alessandra groaned. I could hear his loud yapping in the kitchen and I heard heavy footsteps. Alessandra’s question was answered; Bruno was home.

Ryan came out of his room and walked towards the kitchen where I stood petting Geronimo. I nodded at him, “Hey man” I said quietly. He sighed at me and pet Geronimo too, “Uh hey. Where ya been, we were uh worried” he asked awkwardly. I mentally eye rolled and I walked to over to the fridge and grabbed a bottle of water. “Yeah I was at the studio, emergency meeting..kind of” I muttered, looking Ryan square in the eye. Ryan looked at me nervously, “Bruno, we need t-” he stopped talking as Alessandra came barreling into the kitchen in her bathrobe and wet hair.. She blanched and narrowed her eyes at me, “Oh. It’s you. Where have you been?” she asked me rudely. I stared at her incredulously, “The fuck you mean, “oh, its you?”… I LIVE here remember. This is MY home. And if I remember correctly, I gave you two weeks to pack your shit up and leave” I barked at her. “Bruno, you have no reason to be mad this makes no sense. You cheated on me too, remember, or did fucking this girl give you short term amnesia?!” Alessandra snarled at me. I flared my nose at them both, and moved towards the door, “You have a week and half to leave my house. Im not kidding” I said, coldly. Ryan grabbed me and I stared down at his hand on my arm in shock, but Ryan made no attempt to remove it. He looked at me nonchalantly and whispered, “Bruno..I’m your best friend. Think about it bro, you don’t really mean this. I know you. We’re brothers”. I stared at him, annoyed and I shrugged him off. Sighing, I walk away, leaving them alone in the kitchen.

I come out my bathroom, feeling refreshed and rejuvenated from my shower. I stare happily at a red lace dress that I finally found in the back of my vast wardrobe. It has long red lace sleeves and it’s tightened at the waist. This should impress Anthony, although I think Bruno might have gotten me this dress, I thought to myself. I shake my head of the memory and unlock my phone quickly, “Shit, it’s six o’clock”. I grab my hair dryer and start on my hair, knowing how long it takes to do, I should of started ages ago…

“Wowww” I wolf-whistle at Alessandra. Her hair was in loose big curls and the tight red dress looked great on her. She twirled around as I stared at her appreciatively and she giggled. “Does it look ok?” She asked, fiddling with the end of the short dress. “Shhh, you look great, really you do” I smiled at her. She grinned at me, “Thank you baby” and she leant up to kiss me. A knock on the door quickly broke our kiss and made us jump. I frowned and Alessandra walked to the door, she scowled at Bruno as he stood in the doorway, “Oh, you guys going out tonight?” he asked casually. I caught Bruno eyeing her up and down and I clenched my jaw. Alessandra grabbed her phone, jacket and purse, “No, just me. I’m..going for dinner with a friend”. I helped her slip her jacket on as Bruno continued to ogle my girlfriend. I cleared my throat loudly and he frowned at me. “Yeah, I’m off to dinner too, a music related meeting. Don’t wait up” he said to me. I scoffed, “I won’t” and he shut the door behind him. I rolled my eyes, “I didn’t like the way he was staring at you” I mumbled. Alessandra laughed and kissed my cheek, “Aww don’t worry. When I get back, you get to rip this dress off me” she giggled and I kissed her hard. “Mmmm, ok well you better go” I said, smacking her butt. She squealed and giggled as she walked out the bedroom door. I sighed heavily, still curious as to what she was up to tonight…

I slipped on my Louboutins and smoothed my dress down. Hm, this is shorter than I remember, I muttered to myself. I grab my coat, purse and keys and head on downstairs. My stomach started tingling. My gut was telling something was gonna happen tonight. But I wasn’t sure if it was telling me if that was something was good or bad…

Parking up in front of my brothers big and overly flashy house, the patio lights twinkle making it look pretty nice. I check my phone; it’s 6.45pm. I smile to myself and step out my car and totter to the grand door. I opened it and I walk briskly to the kitchen and I inhale deeply, it smells good. I smile as see Anthony wearing a silly chefs hat. I walk up to the big island, “Hola Brother!” I shout over the noise of the sizzling and boiling. “Hey sis! One of my guys take your coat for you.” He smiled broadly at me. I squeak unattractively as a tall, good looking man walks up next to me. I slip out my jacket and fold it over his arm. He winks at me and I wink back. “Wow, all this for a big confrontation?, you have outdone yourself brother” I say, impressed. The same butler comes back with a platter of Champagne. I take one, “Thank you” and I smile and wink at him, making him blush a little. Anthony turns the fire down a and I can finally hear myself think. “Actually, I kinda wanted to use all these pots and pans and shit. So tonight gave me the perfect opportunity to do that” Anthony said, as he tastes the garlic sauce. “Is this moms recipe?” I ask curiously as I walk round the island looking into pots and pans. “Yeah some of them, and others are from online recipes I found an-” the loud doorbell rings round the corner and Anthony stops talking. I smile excitedly and walk up behind him to the door. He peers through the hole, “It’s Bruno!” he whispers. I nodded and walk back to the kitchen and I peer round the corner. “Hey Bruno, thanks for coming!” Anthony says happily. “Uh yeah, sure no..problem” Bruno’s gravely voice echoes throughout the room. He sounds like he just had a cigarette. Ugh, I shudder. I straighten my dress and walk round the corner to meet them and I lean on the fridge placing my hand on my hip. Bruno looks at me like he’s just seen a ghost. “Mm, surprised to see me?” I ask as I sip my Champagne. His eyes widen in shock and he clenches his jaw suddenly. I laugh and swallow the rest of my Champagne, eyeing his reaction, which if I must say is PRICELESS.

I glance between Alessandra and Anthony and I sputter, feeling very confused. “What…what the fuck is going on right now?” He rounds on Anthony and I roll my eyes. “Let me explain something here Bruno Mars” Anthony sneers at me, “You are here because I want to have a good old fashioned chit chat with you about you and Tatiana” he walks around me slowly and paces the room, eyeing me. “Are you out of your fucking mind, what the hell kind of joke is this, Alessandra?” I shout at her. She rolls her eyes at me and I grit my teeth. “Cool it with the yelling, sweetie. We can’t start this party just yet. Not until…” she trails off, eyeing the door.

I see Tatiana pull outside the house, no thanks to the security pad that was on the wall behind Bruno. I wiggle my eyebrows at Anthony who smiles sheepishly at me. And I glance over to Bruno who looks livid. I saunter over to the front door and I wait for it to ring. Its showtime..

I carefully walk up the stairs, making sure I don’t fall in my high heels. I curse as I trip a little and continue to walk up the stairs. I take a deep breath, my stomach still tingling and I ring the door bell. The door swung open immediately and I expected to see Anthony greeting me at the door. But instead, Alessandra opens the door. I look her up and down, the feeling colour in my face draining. She’s wearing the same dress as me. I stare at her in shock. “S’up bitch. Surprise to see me ?” she asks me. I see Bruno walking up suddenly near the sofas inside with a dark expression on his face and he looks up and stares at me, blanching. He shakes his head at me and Anthony walks up to the door to next Alessandra. “Hey you better come on in, I think its about to rain” My feet somehow manage to move and walk in a daze into the house I have only been in once. Alessandra shuts the door behind me and she claps her hands in excitement. “Ok!…. Now we can start the party!”

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"I want to talk to you about something…music business related. But I only wanted to pass by here today for a short while as I don’t have the time right now to explain….everything" Anthony said coyly. I frowned at him, confused. Ari coughed awkwardly over in the corner and I snapped my head over and glared at him. He blanched at me and shrugged, I turned back to Anthony and scrutinised him carefully, " when exactly do you want to discuss this matter and where?" He smiled crookedly at me and I frowned deeper at him and waited for him to respond. "Why don’t you..come over for dinner. Tonight, at my place" he said with a amused look on his face. I narrowed my eyes at him in suspicion, what game is he playing? Ari piped up behind me, making me jump. "Oh that sounds cool. I should come too though right?" he asked as he walked backed over to the middle of the room where we stood. Anthony’s bemused facial expression dropped suddenly and I narrowed my eyes at him. "Uhh..I mean I guess…" Anthony mumbled. I shook my head at Ari and I took my phone out checking the time. "WAIT!" Ari bellowed suddenly and Anthony and I stared at him, annoyed. "I can’t come tonight. I’m doing engineering work on a couple songs and that could take me a while.." He trailed off, frowning. Anthony looked satisfied again and I sighed impatiently. "So its settled then. You will come for a..should we dinner over at my place tonight." He clapped in obvious excitement and I smiled meekly at him. He chuckled at me, "Oh don’t look so worried Bruno, tonight will be fun" he said happily. Ari pointed at me and scowled, "And make sure you take whatever opportunity this guy throws at you, B. And take notes." Anthony looked over at Ari and nodded. "Ok so I will text you the address for my’s not that hard to find. You should be familiar with the area, right Bruno?" Anthony asked me sneakily. I ground my teeth and nodded at him, "Yeah, it shouldn’t be too hard to find." I muttered. He checked the time, "Well I should be off then, better get some stuff ready for tonight. Do not be late; 7 o’clock sharp please" he said sternly and I nodded at him. I walked him over to the studio doors and he waved goodbye at Ari and I. Ari waved happily at him and I nodded once again. "He’s a cool guy, real professional. I’m serious Bruno, it sounds like tonight is gonna be a good night. Don’t mess things up, ok?" Ari scolded me quietly. "Yeah..he’s a real cool guy alright" I said irritably.

I sat in the nail salon, chatting to the ladies as my phone rang loudly on the work station next to me. I peered over and smiled; It was Anthony. “Uhh, excuse me could you hold on one second I really need to answer this phone call” The lady mumbled something to me in her native language and I narrowed my eyes at her cattily. I carefully pressed the green button and lifted up the phone to my ear, “Why Hello Brother, how’s your morning been?” I asked happily. “I just got done coming from Bruno’s studio. Its all set for tonight. Well kind of..Tatiana hasn’t responded to my text message” he muttered angrily. I rolled my eyes and shook my head, “Stupid bitch. You should go over to her place right now. Cos you know, I’ve been thinking” I said cautiously to Anthony. “About what?” he asked me, confused. I sighed and adjusted to the phone uncomfortably on my ear, “You were right. Im so mad. Like excusing the fact that I had also been playing away but Bruno cheated on me. And god, what makes it worse is.. Is that you fucking like her still!” I said angrily, getting pent up. I could hear Anthony tutting, “Lets not get into that right now. But I have always liked her which makes this whole situation suck even more. And to be honest..” He trailed off suddenly sounding sad. “What? Whats wrong with you all of a sudden?”. He sighed, “To be honest, I’m not really sure what’s going to happen tonight. All I know is that I feel played and I don’t like that. I wasn’t aware that she was like that..” he mumbled. I huffed, “Well, GET over it. Im almost done with my nails at the salon. What time do you want to start this little party?” I asked robotically. “Seven o’clock and don’t be late.” he rebuked. I scoffed, “I won’t be. Now leave me, I want to finish getting my nails done. And make sure you get your soppy ass over to Tatiana’s house” I said through gritted teeth. “I will. Im gonna do that now. I’ll talk to you in a few hours. Bye sis.” he said semi-cheerfully. “Goodbye Brother” and I hung up the phone quickly and turned my attention back to the nail technician.

I paced my room up and down, twirling my phone which felt hot in my hand. It was coming up for midday and I was still fuming because of Bruno and his rude ass and I was still having an internal dilemma on whether I should text Anthony back. He wants to go for dinner..just me and him and his sister. I heard about the slutty things his sister got up into in college, but I never actually met her. I sighed and the doorbell rang downstairs suddenly. I sighed again and slouched down to answer the door. I opened the door and Anthony was standing in the door way, looking cool and collected. My mouth turned dry suddenly and I blinked at him. “Hey Tati, I know you got my text message but I see you didn’t back” he tutted at me and shook his head at me., I’m sorry, I’ve..”. He waved at me, silencing me. “Its okay, you’re just lucky you look cute in the morning. Now are you gonna let me in or what?” he asked me jauntily, with a smile plastered on his face. I nodded silently feeling confused and I let him in. He walked past me with a smirk on his face and I sighed again, already feeling drained.

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Tatiana cleared our breakfast plates and put them noisily in the dishwasher. I scrutinised her while she cleared the kitchen and I coughed awkwardly. She straightened up her back and she spun around quickly facing me, “Something you wanna say Bruno?” she asked me snappily. I frowned at her and shrugged and I got up off the stool and sauntered towards her. I pushed her up against the breakfast bar behind her and her eyes widened at me.”You should watch your tone Tatiana. Im not happy with you right now” I whispered in her ear. She grabbed my arm, scratched me and I winced slightly. “Oh so barging into my house early in the morning and fucking me isn’t enough to put you in a good mood?” she asked me smartly and she shook her head, scoffing. I narrowed my eyes at her and grabbed her wrists, “Who texted you this morning?” I asked her simply. She blanched and sighed, “No one. I told you, it was just someone from work” she mumbled. I tutted and I grasped her wrists tighter, “You’re lying” I said through my teeth. Her jaw clenched and she snapped her head up at me, “How fucking dare you accuse me of lyi-“. My phone suddenly bleeped loudly in my back pocket, cutting her off. I sighed at her and I let go off her wrists, pulling my blackberry out of my pocket. It was Ari-

*Text Message From: Ari*
“Good morning Sir Eats Alot, where are you ?? I called Ryan at your place and he said you weren’t there. Are you out getting breakfast without me :(? You should probably haul your fat ass over to the studio asap as I have someone here that wants to meet you. So do that now and bring some breakfast over because I’m hungry :)”

I ground my teeth as I studied the text message. Who the hell wants to meet me this early in the morning?. Tatiana cocked her head at me and she slipped out away from me and walked to the fridge. I sighed, “Uh I have to go” I said simply. She leant against the fridge and crossed her arms,”Thats convenient seeing as I was going to throw your disrespectful ass out anyway” she snapped. I nodded my head in derision and stormed past her, grabbing my jacket. She followed me and I walked towards the front door, getting my keys. I stared at her, waiting for her to say something. She folded her arms and tapped her foot impatiently, “Well, off you go then” she walked up towards me and whispered in my ear, “I have things to do.” I grimaced at her, scowling.”Well just as long as you’re not doing anyone else, you have a nice day, Tatiana.” I slipped on my jacket and she opened the door letting me leave. I sighed and she slammed the door behind me. I walked down the steps outside, breathing in morning air. My phone bleeped suddenly in my hand; It was Ryan. I rolled my eyes and read the text message quickly-

*Text Message From: Ryan*
“Hey man. Uh you ok?? Where are you? Text back”

I rolled my eyes again and pushed my phone back into my pocket. It really is time that Ryan and Alessandra move out. I tutted and headed over to the studio, but not before getting breakfast for Ari.

“I just texted Bruno, but he hasn’t texted back” I said, shrugging. Alessandra walked over from her wardrobe and sat down on the bed next to me. “Babe, don’t even worry about it. God, he’s so fucking irritating” she muttered. I frowned and turned to her, “So why did you date him for so long..if you find him irritating?” I asked her. She pursed her lips and shook her head at me. “Whatever babe, not the point. This is his fucking house so of course he’s gotta come back” she mumbled. She rushed around the room, throwing clothes from her wardrobe on the floor. I scowled behind her, curious. “Alessandra, what are you doing right now, why are you chucking everywhere?” I caught a short dress that she flung behind me as it almost hit me in the face. “Oh god yeah no I forgot to tell you, Im going for dinner tonight with my brother. And no, you cannot come” she smiled at me and I stared back at her. “Oh. Why can’t I come?” I asked as I sulked back to the bed. “Aha! This is the dress!”, she exclaimed suddenly. It was a short tight red dress that was cinched at the waist and it had long red lace sleeves. “Um that’s a sexy dress. You’re wearing that to dinner..with your brother?” I asked her awkwardly. She made a face and chucked a clutch purse at me, “Ew god stop right there, Yes I’m wearing this dress, but,” she paused and I waited for her to continue, “I can’t tell you why and what i’m doing. Not yet anyway” she sauntered over and kissed me sweetly. “Now go and feed your fucking dog cos he won’t stop barking” she said rudely. Geronimo bounded in as if on queue and sat on the floor wagging his tail at me, I laughed. “Hmm, alright I’ll stop asking. But you better tell me soon” I rebuked her. She waved me away, “Yes yes, I will. No go, fuck has been in the pool?! He smells!” I chuckled at her and I dragged G into the kitchen, wondering what Alessandra was really up to tonight..

I parked up on the side by the studio and I carefully juggled the breakfast in my hands. God it’s hot, I thought. It was near enough 11 am and the sun was beating down. I saw Ari go back inside the studio doors and I yelled across to him,”Hey! Ari! I have your breakfast, you mind helping me out ?” He spun around and glanced over to me. He jogged over and grabbed the box of pancakes and waffles. He smiled widely, “Oh damn, I didn’t really think you were gonna get me breakfast, thanks bro!” he said happily as we walked into the studio. As I walked in, I saw a tall man with his back facing me, looking at the large tiger portrait that hung on the wall. I frowned, this must be the guy that wants to meet me. Ari and I walked further into the studio and the mysterious guy spun around and waved at us. I blanched as the guy smiled widely at me and I instantly recognised him. It was Anthony. The last time I saw him was when I walked in on him and Tatiana. “So Bruno, this is Anthony” he stuck his hand out and I looked at it for a brief second. “Bruno, shake his hand” Ari muttered to me. I clenched my jaw slightly and stuck my hand out slowly and shook it firmly. I got the satisfaction of watching him grimace in slight pain and my rings pressed into his hand. “Nice to meet you Anthony” I said, as I walked to the sofas. “So, what did you to meet me for?” I asked impolitely. Ari rolled his eyes and groaned and Anthony cocked his head smiling suspiciously at me…

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Alessandra sat on my lap, playing with my hair. She giggled as I swatted her away. “Stop babe, it take’s a lot of hard work to get my hair this lustrous, long and shiny” I pouted at her and laughed. She sighed, shaking her head at me. “Im so jealous of your long hair Ryan. It Takes a lot of work to get MY hair this long, shiny and lustrous. Ugh every morning.” and she sighed again. I pulled her off my lap and threw her on the bed and she squealed. I hovered over her and I pulled a strand of her curly hair out from behind her ear. I kissed the top of her head lightly. “Well it looks great. Don’t even worry about it” I whispered. She tapped my nose and leant up to kiss me. I wiggled my eyebrows at her and she laughed. I frowned at her suddenly, got off of her and I sat upright on the bed. She got up behind me and rest her chin on my shoulder, “What’s wrong babe..Your mood has changed..?” she asked me softly. I ran my hands through my hair and I grabbed my phone from behind me on my dresser. It was coming up for 11 am and Bruno was not back yet. He only gave Alessandra and I a couple days to pack up our shit, but I wanted to clear the air first. I turned around to face her and I grabbed her hand, “It’s Bruno. I miss my best friend you know. We have never ever gotten into a fight like this. And even if we did..we would of patched things up by now…” I trailed off, frowning again. She moved around to sit next to me and she flipped her hair. “Listen to me, that bastard is all talk” I scowled at her and she shrugged, but I let her continue, “He’s not about to throw our asses out, I mean where the fuck are we supposed to go exactly?” I blanched and looked at her. Damn she was right, he wouldn’t REALLY leave us out in the cold but still..”He’s probably out eating breakfast right now. Fatass” she scoffed. I laughed slightly and nodded in agreement. I heard Geronimo barking in the kitchen loudly, “Ah, I should probably go and feed him. I’ll be right back”, I bent down to kiss her and I walked off into the kitchen to feed G.

I got off the bed and looked around the room scrunching up my nose. Ryan really needs to clean up his room. I might do that later, if I can be bothered, I thought. My phone rung loudly in my Prada bag that lay on the floor by the laundry basket. I got up and retrieved it and saw that my brother, Anthony was calling. I frowned and clicked the green button. “Hola brother, I’ve been meaning to text you back after that very shocking message you sent me early this morning, but I’ve been..busy” I said my mind flashing back to the great morning sex I just had with Ryan. He grimaced, sounding disgusted, “Ugh, well good fucking morning to you too sis. Listen, I have some things to do before this evening, so lets keep this conversation short and sweet okay?” he asked irritably. “Oooh brother, did you forget to have your morning Cheerios this morning?” I laughed. “No. Moving on, you are coming to dinner round mine tonight” he said carefully. I frowned at the phone, perplexed. “Uh, I am?” I asked, walking over to the door and shutting it carefully. I thought about the text message he sent me this morning and I suddenly got angry. On one hand I could care less about the fact that Bruno was cheating on me, because I was cheating on him too..and with his best friend. But on the other hand I felt angry as hell and this girl..Tatiana. Ugh, Anthony has been crushing over her for years. “Ok, so while you have been fawning over this Tatiana whore, she’s been fucking Bruno, MY ex-boyfriend on the side. And you knew? Oh you can do better, how fucking messy are you, Ant?” I shook my head, it was almost laughable. “Don’t. Ok, just don’t. Im still conflicted about her. I’ve always liked her and fuck I think I still do… But this all makes sense now. I have so much more to tell you but I don’t have the time right now. Later. But for now, you are coming to dinner tonight. And I’m gonna have two more guests joining us..” Anthony trailed off slightly and I narrowed my eyes at the phone, “Who..?” I asked suspiciously. He cleared his throat and spoke clearly into the phone. “Bruno and Tatiana.” I sputtered, feeling extremely confused. “What the fuck, am I missing something?” I asked incredulously. He sighed loudly into the phone. “Sis, I KNOW you. Better than you know yourself. You may act like you’re not care but you do. You’re angry as hell and so am I. I should of known it was Bruno fucking Mars. God, I took Tatiana to NoBu a few weeks ago an-” I cut him off short, remembering that I made Bruno take me to dinner there. I can’t believe I didn’t see Anthony there! “I was at NoBu a few weeks ago too. I don’t even remember why, but I made Bruno take me there to make up for something that he angered me about. He got up halfway through dinner..for a cigarette but fucking hell he was gone for so long and..” I trailed off remembering and I could practically hear Anthony getting riled up on the other line. “This all makes sense. When you two walked in, I spotted Bruno first and I alerted Tatiana and she started freaking out. And not like in a famous-person-just-walked-into-the-same-restaurant-as-me kinda way but more like fuck-don’t-want-him-to see-me-here-with another-man kinda way. It was weird.” He cursed under his breath and I laughed, getting a little excited about tonight’s dinner. “She’s been playing you bro. And she hasn’t been worried about it. She clearly has been banking on the fact that you have been CHASING her slutty ass since college. The bitch used that to her advantage. And that’s just wrong. Papa would laugh at your na├»vety to be honest.” I said solemnly, going through my bag and getting the number for the nail salon. He tutted on the other line and I snickered back at him. “Im happy with the person I’m with right now Anthony” I said simply. “Yeah, I’ve meaning to ask about that. Who’s the guy? Do I need to meet him?” he asked me seriously. I sighed, wondering whether he would judge me If I told him who Ryan actually was. I got over it, shrugged and sniffed indifferently, “Ryan Keomaka, Bruno’s best friend” I said defiantly. Anthony laughed loudly and I frowned. I always hated his annoying, obnoxious laugh. “Douchebag, why the fuck are you laughing at me, it’s not funny. I really like him. I think I may have liked for a long time actually..” I trailed off, waiting for Anthony to stop laughing. And then I realised something, “Hey wait a second. You said Bruno is coming too. How did you get his number and furthermore, how are you gonna get him to come to your place? He knows who you are because of NoBu but..?” I stopped talking and waited for him to answer my questions. “Well to answer your first question, I DONT have his number, but you are gonna give it to me. Second, I’m going over to his studio in about an hour. I know someone there. And I’m gonna have to really try and think of something, Bruno will most definitely not want to see my face and I’m sure as hell thinking he won’t want to come over to my place again for dinner.” I frowned as I walked over to the bed, “Again? When has he ever gone over to your new place?” He laughed, “Sis, if you come by an hour early..I will explain everything” I sighed and I looked up as Ryan walked in. I waved him away and he walked back out sheepishly. “Well you do what you have to do and I’ll text you Bruno’s number” I said, getting my bathrobe. “Cool, thanks. And what are you gonna do?” He asked me. I smiled devilishly into the phone, “I’m going to book an emergency nail appointment. My nails need doing and by the sound of things..there’s might be a little fight tonight.” Anthony chuckled nervously and I smiled wider into the phone. “Ill see you tonight, Brother” I said with finality.
“Tonight, little sis”, and he hung up the phone.

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I followed Bruno up the stairs, stifling a yawn. He stormed into the room, looking mad and I rolled my eyes at him. He ripped his shirt off his back quickly and spun around towards me, his face stoic. “What the fuck are you rolling your eyes at?” he asked, wiping his lip angrily. I grit my teeth and narrowed my eyes at him slowly “Bruno, don’t talk to me like that.” I snapped back at him. He strode over towards me and he yanked me forward, my body colliding with his. I yelped and he rubbed my bottom lip. I kept my breathing steady, while his sounded shaky. He bent down slowly and ran his nose along my jawline, his big, curly, uncut hair tickling me. I squirmed and I grabbed his broad shoulder. He nibbled on my earlobe and sighed into the crook of my neck, blowing hot air onto it. I gasped and he leant back up and stared at me, blinking wildly. I could feel his chest rise and fall dramatically and he kept staring on at me. He broke the silence suddenly and he scratched the back of his neck,”Im in a bad mood Tatiana” he said simply. I cocked my head to the side and I frowned at him. I cleared the lump in my throat, “Why..Ryan and Alessandra still pissing you off?” I asked quietly. He ran his down my side and he squeezed my ass. I moaned slightly and he shrugged. He ran his fingers through my hair and gripped some of it tightly and I whimpered. “Get on the bed. Now” he said quietly. I licked my lips quickly and stared at him intently. I smiled slightly, “No” I said, and I started walking towards the drawer. I looked back at him from over my shoulder and I could see he sighed heavily. He crept up behind me and he twisted me around, grabbing my robe tie quickly and letting my robe fly open. I gasped and my eyes widened, glaring at him. He ran his hands down in between my thighs and he whispered into my ear, “Don’t be stupid, Tatiana” he trailed his hand up my body and he grabbed my breast and squeezed it tightly. I moaned softly and he squeezed my breast harder “You do not want to piss me off today” he said quietly. He grabbed my face suddenly and kissed me sharply, sticking his hot tongue in my mouth. I yanked the back of his hair and he grunted loudly. “Don’t” he broke the kiss and moved to my neck, “do that” he said in between kisses. He squeezed my breast again and he rubbed my nipple slowly, tugging and pulling at the same time. I winced and moaned, feeling both the sharp pain and intense pleasure. “Bruno..” I whispered. He stopped playing with my nipples and he pulled me by my arm, moving me away from dresser. He bent down suddenly and lifted me up and I protested, “Bruno, what are you..stop!” He threw me down on the bed and I watched him intently as he unbuttoned his pants and kicked off his shoes. He looked at me, his face dark and angry. I looked at him expectantly and he crawled over my body, kissing down it hungrily. I threw my head back into the pillow behind me, my mouth slack. I leant up on my elbows, as he went down kissing my body. He got to my stomach and he kissed my belly button wetly, flicking his tongue around the area slowly, my arms were slowly becoming weak, and they gave way and I flopped back down on the bed. Bruno was on top of me suddenly and I squeaked unattractively, “Stop. Moving” he said through his teeth. My voice was caught in my throat and I nodded silently in response. He kissed me hard and bit my bottom lip and I trembled. He crawled back down and kissed the apex of my thighs softly. I watched him as he looked up at me through his long eyelashes. I was breathing heavily as he kissed further down, grazing his teeth softly at the bottom of my stomach. He rubbed and squeezed my thighs hard and I moaned softly. I heard him laugh and I frowned. Then I felt the pressure. I arched my back hard as he pushed his thick fingers inside me slowly and I squirmed and twisted on the bed. He leant back up quickly with this fingers still inside me and he rested his forehead on mine breathing over me, “Tatiana, stop fucking..moving” he grunted. He pushed my legs open further with his knees and he rubbed my clit with this thumb. I mewled loudly and he went for my breast again. “Bruno..faster” I said and he pushed his fingers in deeper, stroking the inside of me at the same time. I felt my stomach burn deep within me and the familiar build up sensation started to rise. I clawed his back and I arched mine again, my chest pressed against his chest. I moved my hand towards him and grabbed his wrist hard, squirming sharply, “Bruno, I’m going to cum, hurry” I panted, curling my toes tight. He slowed down suddenly and he brushed his thumb against my clit making me squeal. I shook my head at him and frowned, “What..what are you doing?” I banged my fist against his chest hard and he scowled at me. He retracted his fingers slowly and I whimpered, feeling full and aching. He moved away from me and knelt at the end of the bed, his eyes hooded. He yanked my legs towards him at the end of the bed, my feet resting on either side of him on the bed posts. I felt weak and he used his hand to push me closer to him. He ran his finger against his lip and licked it softly and I started breathing heavily again. He closed his eyes and whispered hot into my ear, “Turn around..please” he said and I smiled at him and rubbed his arm slowly, my voice was hoarse, “You have manners?” I asked quietly. He narrowed his eyes and watched me carefully. I turned around weakly so that I was facing the headboard and pillows. He smacked my ass hard and I yelped, “Don’t do that you asshole” I said angrily, steal feeling full from my IMPENDING orgasm. He shook his head and rubbed my ass softly, getting rid of the sting. “What a nice gesture Bruno, are you going to be nice and let me finish my orgasm this time or no?” I asked him smartly, turning around over my shoulder to look at him. His eyes were dark and he bit his lip. He shrugged, “Maybe” he said his voice gravely. My stomach dropped and I scooted into position. I peeked over my shoulder again slowly and watched as he started stroking himself. He caught me looking and he stared at me, waiting for me to turn back around. I sighed and grit my teeth. One of these days I’M going to have to take full control and quite frankly he’ll probably hate it. I smiled at my sudden idea but my smile faltered as I felt the pressure suddenly. He began to rub his tip up and down my middle slowly and instinctively I pushed back onto him. I heard him tut behind me. I gripped the duvet hard, waiting for him to do it again. He ran his hand up my sweaty back and slammed hard into me and I screamed. He gripped my waist and spread my legs further apart. I threw my head back as Bruno rotated his hips and pumped mercilessly into me. I grinded against him and he slapped my ass again. Bruno moaned behind me and he increased his speed, my stomach dropping. I leant behind me and grabbed his arm tight, intensifying his speed. He continued to pound into me and I screamed again, the sweat trickling down my neck and back. All of a sudden he slowed, stopped and pulled out, making me wince slightly. I turned around, confused. He got up and walked round the bed quickly and sat on the edge, pulling me along with him. His eyes were fire and chest and neck was slick with sweat. “Get on my lap. Ride me. Now” he grabbed my face and kissed me ferociously wiping my damp hair from my face. I scrambled onto his lap needy and aroused and I squeezed my thighs tight against his. He kissed my jugular up and down and I threw my head back, giggling. I grabbed him and centred myself on him and I eased onto him slowly. I got settled and began to move up and down slowly as he ran his hands up my back. He grabbed fistfuls of my hair and I rode him, rotating and moving my hips. He took the small of my back and brought my body closer to his. He kissed the tattoo that was on the left side of my chest and I moaned loudly, gripping the back of his hair. His hips began to knock into me and we started a rhythm. I felt the build up again and I arched my back. He looked up at me as he thrusted harder, “Are you gonna cum Tatiana?” he asked me breathlessly. He grabbed both sides of my face and kissed me as he continued. I started to bounce harder on him and he moved one hand from my face to my ass. I bent down, bit and sucked on his neck hard, “Are you going to let me?” I asked him, moaning into his ear. He scratched my back slightly and I grimaced. “Fuck, Oh god, Yes! Faster Bruno, faster!” I screamed as the bed started protesting underneath us. I prayed silently and he pounded up into me faster, finally letting me cum. I threw my head back again hard and I moaned loudly, my voice cutting out mid-scream. He hugged my body closer to his as he found his release short after and we both slowed to an eventual stop. He kissed both of my breasts, sucked on my nipples and I whimpered softly, feeling the aftershock of my orgasm. I watched his expression change and I wiped the sweat from his face, both of us still breathing heavily. I sighed into his neck and he hugged my waist, “Bruno, we need to tal-” I swore under my breath and I heard my phone bleep loudly, making us jump. Bruno gave me a look and I climbed off of him, wincing slightly. He flopped back onto the bed, running his hands through his hair and I walked weakly to the dresser and retrieved my phone. My heart sped suddenly; It was a text message from Anthony-

*Text Message From: Anthony*
“I noticed that you did not respond to my text message earlier and you know..that’s okay because you are coming over for dinner tonight. Despite you lying to me about well YOU KNOW.. I miss you and I wanna work things out. I want you to meet my family. Well by family I mean just my sister, she is currently the only family I have here in LA haha. You never did meet her while we were in college did you? She’s super cool, you’ll LOVE HER. I’ll email you my address and no excuses, you’re coming.”

My mouth turned dry suddenly and I spun around crashing into Bruno. “What are you doing Bruno, do not sneak up on me like that!” I snapped at him. He scowled at me, waiting. I blinked at him and he sighed. “Who was that?” he asked quietly. I tossed the phone back in the draw. “Um no one important. A work thing. Its 9am. Do you want breakfast?” I grabbed my robe and sash that was on the floor and I tied it up, waiting for him to answer. “Uh..sure” he replied, with uncertainty in his voice. I nodded and left the room quickly, thinking of possible ways to get out of this dinner with Anthony tonight.

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Alessandra helped finish mopping up some of the dried blood on my face. Fucking asshole needs to take his rings off once in a while. I scowled and I winced in pain and she tutted and shook her head shushing me, “Shh, baby don’t move. Im almost done” she said lovingly. “Fucking doucebag, I’m supposed to be his best friend and he does this to me?” I said angrily. Alessandra patted my face and she threw the bloodied tissues in bin. She climbed on my lap and wrapped her arms around my neck, sighing. I wrapped my arm around her waist and we sat in silence. She sniffled and leant up, looking at me, “How did he even find out, I just..I hated lying to him and the sneaking around but I thought we were so careful..” she trailed off quietly and I rubbed her back reassuringly, “Hey its ok. I’m gonna let him calm down for a bit and Im gonna fix this. Don’t worry. I’ll get my best friend back” I said quietly through gritted teeth. She got suddenly and paced around the room, frustratedly. “I mean..should we tell him that we have known each other for ages, even before I met him..I just..” she was getting worked up again and I got up, grabbed her shoulders and pulled her in for a hug, reassuring her, “Its fine, it’s gonna be fine. We are going to explain everything in time. Bruno just..needs to calm down. Ok?” I said soothingly, wiping any tears that threatended to spill over her eyes. She sniffled and nodded her head. She gave my hand a squeeze and frowned suddenly. “Whats wrong?” I asked her, frowning. She walked back to the sofa quickly and moved the cushion, grabbing her phone. “Ummm, It’s atext from my brother, Anthony. I guess he’s here in LA now..” she frowned and trailed off suddenly. “What? What is it?” I asked. She shook her head angrily and thrust the phone into my hand-

*Text Message From: Anthony
“Hey sis, I know its early but a few things have..developed. Question: Aren’t you dating Bruno Mars? Because I’m pretty sure Tatiana (you know her from college, the girl I’ve been crushing over for years!) is SLEEPING WITH HIM. Its hard to explain how i know this and Im so fucking mad and..confused at her and it’s far fetched I need to just call me when you’re up” xx

I shook my head at the phone, scowling. Alessandra already knows that Bruno cheated on her with this Tatiana girl, but why is Alessandra’s brother suddenly involved? I looked at her and she grabbed a pillow and screamed into loudly.
It was nearing enough 7 am and I continued to stare at Bruno’s text message. “Get the shower running” who the fuck does he think he is? My patience and tolerance for Bruno’s often scary and BIPOLAR behaviour was wearing thin. But I always came back to him and I don’t even know why. Its not as if treats me as nice as he did when we did actually date each other. He was much nicer, happier and sweeter when we dated. I guess, he’s still all those things now I just don’t see that side of him much. I rubbed my neck hard and I sighed, walking to the bathroom to turn the shower on..

I woke up from my nap with a headache, still pissed at Ryan and Alessandra. I checked my phone and saw that it was almost ten past seven. Noticing Alessandra had not come to bed which was a smart move, I crept out of the room and walked to the living room. I assumed she had gone to bed with Ryan and I sighed. I walked into the kitchen and fed Geronimo and he bounded up behind me barking loudly. “Shhh, G shut up” I whispered angrily. I looked up quickly and I heard a door creak. Ryan walked up to the fridge and he scratched his neck awkwardly. We stood looking at each other, and I crossed my arms. He broke the silence, “Um, Hey. Morning” he said quietly. I sniffed indifferently and stalked past him, living him alone in the kitchen. I trudged off into to the bedroom without looking back at him. I shut the door behind me and sighed, running my hands through my messy bed hair. I text Tatiana-

*Text Message To: Tatiana*
“Im tired. I don’t wanna drive all the way over to yours, but I want to see you. Get over here now. Also my shower is bigger*

I sent the text message and yawned loudly, only getting two hours of sleep. I crashed onto the bed and waited for Tatiana to come over.

I walked back into the bedroom and I saw my phone light up. I sulked back over to the bed and saw that Bruno had text me, asking me to come over to his. I gasped angrily and shook my head at the phone. Im too tired for his bullshit. I quickly sent him a message back-

*Text Message To: Bruno*
“I don’t fucking think so asshole. Try again”

I sent the message and angrily locked my phone. I sniffed and stormed back into the bathroom, turning the shower off.

My phone bleeped suddenly and I jumped up from my short nap. Tatiana had text back. I clenched my jaw tight and walked over to my closet and threw on a change of clothes. Changing my mind, I was suddenly full of energy. I stormed past Ryan’s room, glancing back angrily and I left, headed towards Tatiana’s house.

I left the bathroom, tightened my robe and yawned loudly. It had been a long night and I had barely gotten any sleep. Anthony’s text was still playing on my mind and Bruno.. Weird he hadn’t responded to my text. I bet he’s angry, I shrugged and yawned again. My hair was wet from my shower and I tugged at it with my brush. I walked to the dresser and bent down into the drawer to get my hairdryer. I leant back up, my back clicking slightly. The sun was still rising and the air was becoming warmer. Through the window, I could hear a car pull up suddenly outside caught. I blinked hard through the sunlight and saw that it was Bruno. He was dressed in a plaid shirt, aviators, vans and cut off shorts, he looked..good. But I thought he wasn’t coming over, I asked myself. I swallowed hard and my heart started pounding. I heard him knock the door loudly downstairs. He sounded impatient..

I knocked the door again, getting irritated. I was about to knock again but she opened the door. She was in her robe and her hair was wet, I raised my eyebrows. “Good Morning Tatiana”, I said my voice hoarse. I noticed her nipples were showing through her robe and I licked my lips quickly. She blinked a few times at me, “Uh, yeah, Hi. What are you doing here?” she asked clearing her throat. I stepped up the steps towards her and rubbed her bottom lip. She licked it in instinctively and I breathed deeply. I let my other hand roam free and I rubbed her nipple over her robe. I whispered in her ear, “I’ve come to fuck you of course. Now let me in” I bit her earlobe and she moaned, “Please”. She blinked at me quickly again and she stepped aside, letting me in. I smirked and walked straight upstairs, hearing her close the door behind me.